25 April 2017

Out and About With MyBrain

2017 has been a busy year so far. As well as our regular client sessions and practitioner training days, we have also been attending and running a number of events.

In January we spoke at a number of events run by Ambition School Leadership, a charity dedicated to transforming children’s lives in disadvantaged areas by building a network of exceptional school leaders. The MyBrain sessions focused on the ways in which cognitive bias can influence decisions, without us even being aware of it. Audiences in Birmingham, London and Leeds were fascinated in the neuroscientific research in the decision making area - and discussed strategies for dealing with bias in order to form more considered judgements.

In February, we were honoured to be asked to speak at a major seminar in Mumbai jointly staged by BBC Knowledge and the World HRD Congress.

The subject of our talk was the insights neuroscientific research is providing into the ways in which the concept of storytelling can create neurological alignment.  This is important as organisations are increasingly finding that traditional approaches to maintaining organisational focus and alignment are proving too inflexible in today's fast-moving economic environment.

At the same conference we were also extremely flattered to receive a prestigious award in recognition of the work MyBrain has done in introducing neuroscientific knowledge and neurometric profiling into coaching practices.  In many ways this work is in its infancy, but the fact that it provides coaches with an evidence-based approach to understanding the energy, motivations and preferences of their clients is already proving invaluable.

In March we were in Edinburgh for the annual CIPD Scottish Conference and Exhibition, where we took a stand and connected with over 400 delegates. Conference topics were varied but many embraced the enormous area of organisational health and wellbeing. We had numerous conversations about the role of neuroscience in this area and how the MyBrain work and MiND can enable organisations to make strides with their teams in employee engagement, performance and happiness.

Finally, during March and April we have run two highly successful seminars in conjunction with our sister company Extensor with the title of "Neuroscience and the 21st Century Leadership Challenge". We talked about the global trends that are today leading organisations to require people to work in ways that run contrary to the default ways evolution designed our brains to work.  We looked at the evidence to support this argument and at the solutions that can be adopted.

If you would be interested in exploring ways in which MyBrain could work with your organisation please get in touch for an informal conversation.

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