28 July 2015

Neuro-science or neuro-nonsense?

Today, the brain sells. Take an old idea, put ‘neuro’ in front of it and you have an apparently exciting new product.  It seems that everything from energy drinks to training companies are getting in on the act, there is even a music app you can get for your smartphone that claims to be “scientifically optimised” to boost your attention span by up to 400% using “neuroscience based music”.  Sadly, most of these claims are neuro-nonsense.

MyBrain International is different.  Rather than trying to persuade you with snazzy advertising, we would rather prove our case by giving people the opportunity to experience our offering first-hand.  To do this we are running a free seminar in central London on the 8th September.

Who should attend?
The seminar is open to senior managers, trainers and HR professionals who are interested in learning how use of the MiND tool could benefit their organisations.  More specifically, the seminar will cover the following areas:

  • An overview of the neuroscientific research that has led to the identification of the causal link between the psychology of a person and the physiology of their brain.
  • An explanation of how that research led to the development of MiND, the world’s first neurometric.
  • Details of how MiND differs from psychological profiling tools including an explanation as to why those differences are so valuable in team-building, leadership, coaching and numerous other applications.
  • A demonstration of the ways in which MiND and the subject of neuroscience provides people with genuinely new insights into why they are the way they are and in what ways other people may differ.
If you are interested in attending please email enquiries@mybrain.co.uk providing your details and a contact number.  We will then get in touch to provide further details and to confirm your attendance.
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