14 June 2009

Curvy hips are a sign of intelligence

Researchers at the Universities of Pittsburg and California, Santa Barbara have found that women with an hourglass figure are likely to have a higher IQ than their leaner counterparts and that their children are likely to be more intelligent also.

They also found that men found women with an hourglass figure more attractive. (Who pays for this research? Ed.)

So by adding 2 and 2 and getting 5, the researchers concluded that men are attracted to shapely women because they are more likely to have intelligent offspring!

On a more serious note, the research was actually looking at the fatty acids that aid the development of the brain and found that the fat around a woman’s hips and thighs hold higher levels of omega 3 fatty acids, which are essential for brain growth during pregnancy, whereas the fat around the waist contains higher levels of omega 6 fatty acids, which can actually have a negative effect on brain development. Women with wide hips and narrow waists are therefore better suited to producing babies with better developed brains.

Click here to read a longer article on the subject on the MyBrain website.


  1. Dosn't surprise me. I'm sure the intellectual Arthur Miller wasn't just looking for a trophy wife when he married Marilyn but an equal. Also didn't Jayne Mansfield, she of the 44 in chest and 18 inch waist, have an IQ of a genius and was a member of Mensa? I rest my case.
    Carole Ann - coach and hourglass

  2. If I lose weight, will I become cleverer?

  3. There does seem to be a body of opinion that believes a person cannot be both good looking and bright. Perhaps this is just jealousy - i.e. no one should be allowed to have it all.

    An interesting question though: if looks and brains were mutually exclusive, which one would you opt for?

  4. Why are you all speaking about attractive in your comments? Curvy women arent what media tells us is attractive, its the runway stick figures or the lipo sculpted and implanted angels. Mens nature is tell the truth that woman that appear skinny due to poor nutrition are not what is attractive:) Im just a woman that wishes she had a bigger bum and hates media hype and the sheep that follow their lead blindly:)

  5. Good point Thalia and thank you for your contribution.

  6. It gives an all-new meaning to the phrase, "smart-@$$!"

    1. (But you may not be able to tell, if she is wearing smartypants...!) ;)


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